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Publishing this book


The design and layout of this book is in progress! This book will be published as a high-quality, full colour, hardcover coffee table book.

The funding for the publishing will come from a source of crowdfunding, most likely Indiegogo or Kickstarter. I will launch this funding campaign sometime this year. This crowdfunding is really just a method of pre-sales. Without the pre-sales, the printing of the book will be impossible.

To make this happen, I need support from a large number of people. Please help spread the word about this book to anyone who might be interested– sharing through Facebook, Twitter, email, or any other media or word-of-mouth. And most importantly, please consider purchasing a book through the crowdfunding pre-sales.

The publishing industry has been turned on its head in recent years. Although many books have gone to ebooks and online PDFs, one thing is clear: There will always be a special place for photography and art books that are released as high-end, premium quality print jobs.

This book will be printed by one of the finest printers in North America, Friesens Book Division http://www.friesens.com/

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Dion Manastyrski

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