Prairie Sunset

A Story of Change

About the Photographer – Dion Manastyrski

This website is dedicated to my book project, “Prairie Sunset: A Story of Change”. It represents a small fraction of the content I have prepared for this book. This project has been almost entirely self-funded, and an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was recently successful for pre-sales to publish the book.

The book will be available in January. If you are interested in buying a book or fine-art prints, or would like updates, please email me at this link: dion@earthpics.ca

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I grew up on a small farm in Saskatchewan, on an original homestead that was built by my grandfather and my father. It was a few hundred acres of open land that was almost as flat as the sea, with a healthy amount of undisturbed aspen-forested wilderness. With a community of neighbours that we could trust, and with great opportunities for exploring, inventing, and imagining, I developed a spirit of adventure early in my life.

By the time I was seven years old, I was playing on old farm machinery and building elaborate tree forts in our surrounding forest. My brother and sister, neighbour kids, cousins, and school friends quickly pushed our boundaries as far as our bicycles would take us on the gravel roads. The only requirement was to be home by supper… or at least before dark. It was at this time that we first began to notice the old abandoned “haunted” houses on some of the nearby farms. We wondered where those people disappeared to, and why they left.

From those beginnings, my life has engaged adventure and exploration, usually while packing a camera with a selection of good glass. I also left the farm, eventually moving to Victoria, British Columbia, to complete a B. Sc. in Biology. Now, surrounded by ocean, rock, and rainforest, I try to visit my home land at least once a year.

Over the years since I left, my attraction to the prairies has only become stronger, as I’ve searched for the story of what my grandparents and other immigrants experienced in the early decades of settlement. To them, with great admiration, I dedicate this project.


Dion Manastyrski




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