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I want to say how much I am enjoying it. The photos are incredible, and the stories are powerful. I grew up in Alberta, my grandparents homesteaded, and I've read various community history books. But somehow you have made that era come alive in its ruggedness and pathos and doggedness.

Al Lindskoog

Hello Dion. I got your book today and I must say you have outdone yourself. It is captivating, and your writing style just makes the book come alive with the setting and people you describe.

Lorraine Maclauchlan

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Prairie Sunset

A Story of Change



This website is a partial representation of my book project, “Prairie Sunset: A Story of Change”. I’ve interviewed over 70 people and taken thousands of photos for this project.

I’ll be launching an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign soon (sometime in Spring 2014), and I’ll need help from everyone to spread the word. Indiegogo is a secure, guaranteed way to do pre-sales of books & prints. The book will be a high-quality hardcover, by one of the best printers in Canada. Please stay tuned by checking back at this website, and following me on Facebook and Twitter.

I grew up on a small farm in the grain belt of the Canadian prairies, and witnessed some of the last waning years of the culture that began a century earlier with the homesteaders. I consider myself lucky for having had the experience, because it was a time of community, self-sufficiency and rich culture.

The rural life that was at the heart of the prairies was based on the small family farm, neighbours within walking distance, and vibrant small towns. This has all changed greatly in recent decades, with rapid rural depopulation and farms that have grown vastly in scale.

In 2003 I began a project that took me back to this land to find the story, and to document the change. Questions arose of what has been lost or gained, and the answers are not exactly clear.

In my search for understanding, as I roamed the homesteads of a vanishing era, I photographed the abandoned structures, and talked to people of the prairies. I listened to their memories of the past and their feelings about the changes, and gathered some of their thoughts and anecdotes. In these writings and photographs, the story of the homesteaders emerged. Collectively, they have a remarkable story to tell, and I would like to share this with you.

Dion Manastyrski


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